who i am and my background

Jonathan H. Black
  • People are the only important thing in the world. Everything else is second and I work hard to remind myself that I need to put myself last. This is my first moral imperative.
  • My second moral imperative...a non-stop, never-ending quest to ALWAYS do the right thing. WISDOM, strong ethics, honesty, and good values are more valuable to me than all the money or all the knowledge in the world. What is knowledge without wisdom? What are words without honesty?
  • My third moral imperative...TO HAVE FUN! (nuff said.)
  • I am self-motivated, ardent, a self-starter, a mover, and entrepreneurial. Those traits support my love for tech. Tech always changes FAST, and I look forward to fast-paced environments, new things, new answers, and new discoveries! I love to say. "I don't know but can't wait to find out!"
  • I live, breathe, eat, sleep -anything about computers, tech, coding, networks, servers, video games and just about anything digital. I love technology.
  • Differences matter! Without diversity everything LOOKS like the first two episodes of WandaVision. (Why is this not in color?) Our universe and everything in it is diverse. Is there any way to see it? Not for me. Forget static. Give me DYNAMIC!
  • I am instinctively organized, naturally analytical and detail oriented. I enjoy creating something from nothing. Starting with a pure white Photoshop layout and inventing a new design.
  • Articulate, concise, and empathetic communicator both verbally and in writing. I strive to take new concepts, ideas, features, and processes and explain them in a way for any person to easily understand.


I'm probably not your typical IT guy, or tech geek. I was originally drawn to aviation and spent years face-to-face with aircraft. I grew up building engines, club houses, and enjoyed fixing just about anything broken. I love to learn about how things work. How something is designed and functions really matters to me. During my bachelors courses in management; charts, diagrams, and modeling tools just seemed like second nature to me. I'm the one wanting to draw concepts on the white board in a meeting, or the one taking notes about how to get it all accomplished.

A bit out of the ordinary? Perhaps. Effective? I like to think so. I'm the guy who can get a group of people from lots of disciplines all on the same page, and all pointing at the board saying, "Yes, that's what we're talking about...that's what we were trying to say."

At the same time I'm thinking about the-"what" and about the-"how" and listing out all the steps, dependencies, and resource needs. I'm the one keeping track of all the moving parts. And I know how to work with a team of different personalities, attitudes, and skill levels to get the job done.

And then, I love the web, gadgets and technology. I love the value it creates and leverage it can bring. My first experience with computers and the internet started in 1982 when I was 12 years old. The computer of choice was the Apple II/IIc and the use of telephone modems like the Apple-CAT II. Throughout college and in the U.S.A.F. I became an expert in working with the Macintosh and PC's running Windows 3.1x-98/MS Office. By 1996 the base was connected (via broadband) to the World Wide Web and I was a web surfing maniac. I became fascinated by the internet, computers and everything digital.

This fascination grew into passion, and I quickly mastered how to build PC's and workstations. After learning about computer hardware I moved on to software: Photoshop, Premiere, and programming HTML/CSS in Dreamweaver. By 2006 I started working at VividSites managing their office and website hosting service. Within 6 months I was promoted to UI/UX Producer, UI/UX App HTML5/CSS3 Developer, Project Manager, and SEO Analyst where I produced, managed and maintained over 20 websites. My primary responsibilities at VividSites included UI/UX app production, UI/UX app architecture, HTML/CSS development, and UX design/functionality of new websites or interactive projects. My secondary responsibilities included website/email hosting services/setup, office manager, and IT help-desk for customers/clients.

Today and for the past 9+ years my career focuses in six areas: Senior Management, Information Technology, Network Administration, Front-End Development, UI/UX Design/Production, and Content Creation. My ideal role is to sit in the nexus of these six disciplines.